Car track day

Car track day


What is a car track day?

It's speed training on a circuit. Anyone can try their own car on track in a circuit extensively equipped at the highest safety levels. The aim is not to reach the maximum speed or to walk the circuit as quickly as possible, but rather to optimize capacity and driving techniques and also to improve the driving safety of their car.

Event is open to the public. 

Track is open from 9am to 6pm (winter hours: 11am-4pm). 

PLEASE NOTE: free outdoor parking and pedestrian entrance.

DDG Days

D.D.G. Days is the new nickname thought for cars track days. This name has been inspired by the local byword "Dag Dal Gas" which means keep the throttle/accelerate, tipical words spoken by passionated people from the Modena Motor Valley.


1-hour rate: 50 €

2-hours rate: 90 €

3-hours rate: 125 €

4-hours rate: 160 €

5-hours rate: 200 €

6-hours rate: 235 €

Any type of commercial activity is prohibited during the free practice days.

An increase of €15 is applied to the prices of rounds and packages if purchased directly at reception.

  • Passenger rate: € 15,00 for all day. (min 16 years old with parent's approval).
  • Additional pilot: € 34,00.
  • Helmet rent: € 10,00 (limited availability).
Please note:
  • Maximum 15 cars on the track at the same time.
  • Mandatory helmet​.
  • Drift: drift is prohibited during car free practice.
  • With the exception of special events, the track cannot be accessed via the box (even by purchasing it), but only from the specific track entrance.
  • Exceptional closure: the Autodrome reserves the right to close the track and the facility at any time, consequently a voucher will be issued (according to the sessions purchased) valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • It is forbidden to light fires of any kind in the paddock (barbeque, grills, etc).
Noise limit

The Autodrome will not allow the entry to the cars that exceed 98 dB of noise tolerances. The control will be carried out at the entrance to the track. There will be no refund for trasgressors.

How to partecipate

Participating is simple. Buy online, come to the racetrack, register and drive!
Taking your first steps behind the wheel inside a racetrack allows you to be more aware of the risks you run on the road. The correct approach to using the car, with adequate theoretical and practical foundations, are fundamental requirements to make a driver an excellent driver and why not? Also a pilot.

Find the scheduled car track days on the calendar.

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