Ducati Riding Academy

DRE Road Academy

DRE Road is the DRE Academy course for everyone.
Whether you want to learn the correct riding techniques from our instructors, test more Ducati models from the range (except the Panigale family) and carry out the exercises with different motorbike models. You will discover the qualities of each and the latest Ducati safety systems. You will use the track to simulate real road conditions, performing specific exercises with all the safety parameters that only a racetrack can guarantee.

The course lasts one day, each session having a maximum of 36 people who will take part in different types of activities: a theoretical introduction offers all the technical information to ride on the road safely and consciously. A second part inside the paddock with 7 islands of exercises to check riding position and braking, and finally a third more dynamic part on the track, with the aim of refining trajectories, insertions, apexes and runs and the operation of electronic controls such as ABS Cornering.

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DRE Rookie Academy

DRE Rookie is the DRE Academy course for younger riders (18-25) and for those who own depowered motorcycles with A2 riding licence.

Our professional trainers will teach participants the tricks of true riders, in order to learn, develop and improve safe and fun riding.

DRE Rookie is born from a project dedicated to safety riding and expresses Ducati's desire to lead young people through the concept of riding responsibly and safely.

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