Ferrari Museums + Autodromo di Modena

Ferrari Museums + Autodromo di Modena

The Ferrari Museums have joined forces with the Autodromo di Modena to give their visitors an exclusive and very special experience.

Anyone that purchases the "Museum+Track" tickets will not only be able to visit at least one of the Ferrari Museums but also take their own car out for a 15-minute track session at the Autodromo di Modena.

In short, visitors will now be able to enjoy the exhilaration of driving their car on the track regardless of its year, model or make.

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Getting to the Autodromo di Modena

The Autodromo di Modena circuit is around 25 minutes from both the Museo Enzo Ferrari (MEF) in Modena and the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, and is located at Pomposiana no. 255/A, 41123, Modena (Marzaglia district).

Getting to the Museo Enzo Ferrari in Modena

Getting to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello

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