Driving courses for companies and ambulances

Driving courses for organizations, companies and professionals

Dedicated courses for all the public or private bodies and companies who owns a corporate fleet, and also for the professional categories for which the safe on the road means occupational safety, as required by italian law (D.Lgs 81/2008).

Autodromo di Modena, in dedicated days for companies driving courses, provides its infrastructures for the realization of dynamic seminars on track and in the areas properly equipped, to play in safe the most common situation when diving a vehicle: oversteer and understeer, sudden braking, obstacle avoidance.

The courses are customizable in teaching, relying on the needs and requests of customers and users.

Ambulances courses

Autodromo di Modena is also promoter for training of public assistance volunteers, whose timeliness and likewise the efficiency even in rescue vehicle driving are essential in the fulfilment of a so important favor for the whole community.

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