Riding School by Luca Pedersoli

Riding School Luca Pedersoli

Luca Pedersoli organizes at the Modena Circuit riding courses (Riding School Pedersoli) and motorcycle free practice on the track. Below all the details of the activities.

Riding School Pedersoli
Who we are

Riding School was created in 2005 by Luca Pedersoli, current rider and tester. In more than fifteen years of activity it has been renewed and perfected, qualifying among the best motorcycle schools in Italy, but not only.

Thanks to the work of Luca Pedersoli and his staff of over 70 instructors (including current World Championship riders and protagonists of the national championships, CIV, Coppa Italia and National Trophy, as well as expert journalists/ testers) Riding School renews every year its position of excellence in the field of motorcycle training to 360 degrees.

Modena Circuit, one of the poles of the Riding School activity, offers you all the safety of a modern circuit.

The staff

Riding School stands out for its organization, quality and attention to detail.

The strengths of the Riding School are the level of their instructors and the very low ratio instructor/students (very exclusive). Riding School can count on highly trained instructors, each specialized in each category, from naked to supersport, from 125 to 200 hp motorcycle, able to teach students of any ability through the suitable course of riding: from the absolute neophyte, to the rider who wants to improve his performance in the race!

In our group, we can boast world-class riders such as Marco Melandri, Niccolò Canepa, Noriyuki Haga, Roberto Locatelli, Federico Caricasulo and Vittorio Iannuzzo. From Stefano Valtulini to Cristiano Migliorati (federal technical manager) and other important riders such as Stefano Bonetti, Marco Borciani, Stefano Casalotti, Stefano Cruciani, Kevin Manfredi, Andrea Mantovani, Roberto Mercandelli, Fabrizio Perotti, Luca Salvadori, Roberto Tamburini, Andrea Tucci, then added to many others among which also stand out testers as well as well-known names in journalism such as Alberto Cecotti (Rider’s and Insella).

The services
  • The track is exclusive to course riders only, therefore without bikers who practice free practices (track ticket included in the price of the course).
  • Equipped box, exclusively for the riders who attend the course (with lockers).
  • Classroom for theory lesson.
  • Motorcycle rental service (Yamaha range).
  • Rental service of the complete clothing necessary for the motorcycle riding course (Dainese-AGV).
  • Photographers on the track.
  • Ohlins (Racing Garage) technicians for suspensions and mechanics available for the entire duration of the motorcycle riding course.
  • Lunch included in the price.
The offer

At the Modena Circuit, Riding School Pedersoli allows everyone to choose the most suitable course, whatever the riding level:

  • Basic riding course (to learn how to ride a motorbike from scratch).
  • Safe riding course (for road use).
  • Sports riding course (for road use but in the safe context of the track).
  • Entry level track course (for the absolute debut on track).
  • Pista 1 / Pista 2 (for beginners or amateurs of the track, entered even only once on track - Pista 1. For more experienced - Pista 2).
  • Individual courses (one to one during free practices).
Track days Pedersoli

With many years of experience in the field, the free practices organized by Luca Pedersoli offer days open pit lane (4 hours in the morning 9.00/13.00, 4 hours in the afternoon 14.00/18.00), or in turn divided into levels (neophytes/road, amateurs, experts/riders).

The briefing is mandatory, and allows the days to take place in safety and awareness. At the end will be provided a small sticker to be applied on the motorbike, which will authorize entry to the track.

The days also provide for the control of pressure before entering the track, ordinary technical assistance thanks to the presence of the Racing Garage staff, support for beginners of the track thanks to the sports bibs that are made available by the organizer and a constant control of the entrances to the track, so as to allow safe circulation.

Info and booking

phone: 030 8771280

e-mail: info@ridingschool.it