Bike track day

Bike track day


The Modena Racetrack allows interested people to improve their driving techniques on track with all the security that only a location of this kind can offer.

The rules and techniques of driving here are accurate: driving, or taking the first steps in a racetrack, makes you more aware of the hazards of the street. The correct approach to using the motorbike, with adequate theoretical and practical basis, is an essential requirement to make a difference while driving, especially in terms of quality.

The bike track days

Bike free practice days scheduled are organized by Luca Pedersoli. Schedule, rates and reservations for these days are managed directly by them through their official website:


The track is accessible with a specific clothing:

  • Overalls: the leather suit, can be whole or divided but united with zipper.
  • Boots: track sports boots.
  • Helmet: the helmet must have the double-loop hook.
  • Back protector: required.
Your bike

Access is not allowed to bikes registered before 1994, except in the events dedicated to vintage motorcycles.

  • Tires at least 70%. Service on the track by Fabry8 For Biker  - +39 3492885477
  • No loss of liquid (oil, coolant etc.).
  • Obligation to remove the rearview mirrors or, if not possible, duct tape mandatory to cover them.
Behaviour on the track

A few rules and lots of fun!

  • PIT-LANE is restricted to authorized personnel and pilots.
  • In the paddock is forbidden to test the bikes (max speed: 30 km/h).
  • Returning to the BOX, keep to the left, raise your hand to warn those who follow you.
  • It is forbidden to spill liquids in the paddock (oil etc..) and leave waste.
  • Anyone who will be surprised to race in a round with a range of time below or above his category will be forced to leave the track without refund.
  • It is forbidden to light fires of any kind in the padock (barbeque, grills, etc.)
  • Exceptional closure: the Autodromo reserves the right to close the event. to close the track and the facility at any time, as a result will be issued; issued a paper voucher (according to the shifts purchased) valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • Vietato accendere fuochi di qualsiasi natura nel paddock (barbeque, griglie, etc).

Behavior contrary will be sanctioned.

Noise limit

The Autodrome do not allow entry for bikes that exceed 98 dB of noise tolerances.

Info and booking

Luca Pedersoli:

phone: +39 350 1254303 / e-mail:


phone: +39 059 388711 / e-mail:

Find the scheduled events on the calendar.